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Prima Linea Factory
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Prima Linea | Artists


Prima Linea Productions | Audio-visual production, animation, web design & design Studio

Prima Linea Productions produces goods and services in the following areas of image design:

Films & TV: audio-visual production and in particular animation films.
Internet: web design and web animation production.
Art publishing: publishing of art books, engravings, prints and artists' work.
Design studio: design and production for the communication, marketing and merchandising industries.

Prima Linea | Rep agency for artists, authors, illustrators and graphic designers

The main company office of Prima Linea is in Paris, an agency founded in 1988 by Valérie Schermann, the managing director. The agency specialises in image design, posters, drawing, graphic design, web design, interactive artwork, logos, mascots and typography, etc. for company communication - the advertising industry and associated marketing and corporate production work - for children and literary publishing, the Press, TV editing, the film industry (film posters), the music industry (disk jackets), animation films, the Internet or multimedia and merchandising.

The agency represents 23 artists, presented on its web site,, available in French and English. Most of the illustrators are authors of books; and according to their specialities work with traditional or vectorial images, or combine digital and traditional paper techniques. Some produce cartoon or animation films, others are typographers or set designers.

Prima Linea Factory | Publishing, exhibitions and sale of artists' original work

Prima Linea Factory is a brand of Prima Linea Productions dedicated to the marketing of artists' work and limited editions, both in Art Galleries and on the Internet. Its e-commerce web site includes an Exhibition section and a Boutique section. It is in three languages and offers an online secure payment service.


Benoit | Painting - Illustration - Humour - Gouache - Press

Bio/bibliography of Benoit:


Blutch | Illustration - Comic strips - Posters - Books - Advertising

Bio/bibliography of Blutch:


François Chalet | Illustration - Graphic design - Vectorial - Digital - Drawing - Animation - Characters - Logos - Advertising - Web design - TV packaging - Book - Humour - VJ

The drawings and graphic design work of this clever artist are inventive, happy, often insane and always full of humour, and his style is self-assured. His excellent book, "Chalet", a collection of his work over several years, brought him renown in 2000 with a wide European public. He is an artist "in demand" for his pure treatment and his dynamic sense of composition and has produced numerous images, characters and logos working with new technologies. He works in vectorial, and has successfully taken the plunge into animation films for advertising, TV packaging and web design.

Bio/bibliography of François Chalet:


Anna-Paola Civardi | Illustration - Graphic design - Digital - Drawing - Press - Fashion

Bio/bibliography of Anna-Paola Civardi :


Marc Clamens | llustration - Logos - Graphic design - Vectorial - Digital - Drawing - Web design - Characters - Animation - Flash - Advertising - Press - Cartoon - TV

Illustrator, graphic designer, web designer, he transforms logo into illustration and illustration into logo, and then often makes them move into cartoon films, using Flash. His favourite subjects: Teenagers and Technology. His work is used in Press, advertising, TV cartoon, on clothes, for the web. He's the web designer of Prima Linea and Prima Linea Factory web sites.

Biography of Marc Clamens:


Paul Cox | Illustration - Painting - Logos - Graphic design - Vectorial - Digital drawing - Web design - Animation - Prints

A painter, author and illustrator, Paul is also a talented graphic designer. His children's books, posters and graphic work evoke a cultivated and happy essence. Parents enjoy his work as much as their children, and some of his designs have been adapted into cartoons for television. His services are much in demand with the advertising world and the press. He is the author of cartoon advertising films and also designs decors for the theatre.

Bio/bibliography of Paul Cox:


Pierre Di Sciullo | Graphic design - Typography - Posters - Drawing - Digital - Vectorial - Engrave

He is involved in both typographical and graphic research and has published 'Qui?Resiste' on his own since 1983, a series of manuals combining text and images. He experiments with a wide variety of graphic and writing techniques with a preference for posters. He has designed numerous fonts and nowadays is turning his attention towards web design. His work is very well known.

Bio/bibliography of Pierre Di Sciullo:


Cyrille Drevon | 3D Animation - Illustration - Logo - Graphic design - Characters

Biography of Cyrille Drevon:


Dupuy-Berberian | Illustration - Comic strips - Posters - Books - Mascots - Engrave - Characters - Advertising

Authors, illustrators and comic strip artists, Philippe Dupuy & Charles Berberian are a very well-known duo in Parisian comic strips. They split their time between designing books, comic strips or producing collections of drawings, and illustration work for advertising and the press. In the world of communication, they have worked on brand images and the design of mascot figures.

Bio/bibliography of Dupuy-Berberian:


Kimiko | Illustration - Children's books - Advertising - Press - Characters - Animals

Bio/bibliography of Kimiko:


Jingfei Li | Illustration - Animation - Graphic design - Digital - Web design - Flash

Biography of JingfeiLi:


Jacques de Loustal | Comic strips - Illustration - Painting - Posters - Books - Travel - Advertising - Children's books - Prints

Bio/bibliography of Jacques de Loustal:


Lorenzo Mattotti | Painting - Illustration - Comic strips - Pastel - Fashion - Children's books - Posters - Graphic design - Silk screen printing - Portfolio - Advertising - Press - Animation - Prints

An outstanding drawing artist and colourist, Lorenzo's command of painting, pastel and colour as well as his pen-and-ink techniques are used in virtually all areas of graphic art, although he favours painting, illustration, comic strips and posters. His numerous comic strips have become reference works for the industry and he participated in the adaptation of his children's book 'Eugenio' into a cartoon film.

Bio/bibliography of Lorenzo Mattotti:


Richard McGuire | Graphic design - Illustration - Children's books - Animation - Multimedia - Toys - Paper cut-outs - Characters - TV packaging - Advertising

Richard produces numerous illustrations for the press, as well as the publishing and advertising. He is renowned for his graphic innovation, combining drawing, paper cut-outs and vectorial drawing techniques. Parents and children alike enjoy the warm and humorous stories in his children's books and his graphic design is in great demand with the children's entertainment world. He has created his own collection of toys. He received many awards for his TV packaging.

Bio/bibliography of Richard McGuire:


Philippe petit-Roulet | Graphic design - Illustration - Animation - Advertising - Design - Digital drawing - Vectorial - Comic strips - Characters

Philippe Petit-Roulet has made his mark on comic strips through the purity and simplicity of his themes, and the liveliness and humour of his situations. Today he devotes his time to graphic design and illustrations for the press, children's books and the publishing and advertising industries. He is well-known in the latter for his outstandingly successful campaigns. He also produces cartoons and provides design and graphic design services for decorative objects in the home. He also creates TV animation films.

Bio/bibliography of Philippe Petit-Roulet:


Michel Pirus | Comic strips - Illustration - Writing - Scripts - Books - Advertising - Cartoon - Digital drawing - Vectorial - Mascots - Characters

Michel's graphic palette is rich, ranging from comic strips, which he draws or writes, to the creation of characters. His humour, his feel for characters and storytelling - often revolving around animals - have drawn him into the worlds of publishing, the press, advertising and now animation and TV cartoons.

Bio/bibliography of Michel Pirus:


Rabaté | Illustration - Bande dessinée - Affiche - Publicité - Presse - Édition

Bio/bibliography of Rabaté:


Romain Slocombe | Illustration - Photography - Writing - Film - Painting - Books

Self-confessed Jack-of-all-trades, Romain is particularly keen to develop a very personal environment through various media: illustration, photography, writing, film and painting. He is particularly knowledgeable in Japanese culture and has a strong vision of eroticism.

Bio/bibliography of Romain Slocombe:


Grégoire Solotareff | Illustration - Author - Children's books - Gouache - Advertising - Characters - Animals

His work as author and illustrator of children's books - he produces both the text and the images - has made him one of the most widely read authors in the world of children's literature. His powerful graphic universe is largely based on gouache. His talent as a designer of characters - often animals - is put to prolific use in advertising. He is also interested in animation.

Bio/bibliography of Grégoire Solotareff:


Art Spiegelman | Author - Illustrator - Books - Humour - Press - Children's books - Pulitzer - Comics strip

With world-wide renown as an "author" in his own right following his deeply moving comic strip saga Maus (Pulitzer prize winner), he is a multiple faceted originator and graphic designer. His work as an illustrator, always brimming with humour, the variety of his skills and his intelligence in the use of images, is particular visible in the American press and in children's books.

Bio/bibliography of Art Spiegelman:


Philippe Vuillemin | Drawing - Humour - Press - Posters - Books - Satire - Comedy - Characters

Philippe aims to be provocative, and his illustrations are recognised for their humour and satire. His numerous books are widely read and all contain a similar streak of comedy. 'Les Sales Blagues' was successfully adapted into a cartoon film. His occasional design work for film posters and the advertising & communication industries, although rare, has been widely acclaimed.

Bio/bibliography of Philippe Vuillemin: