Exhibition / Book :
From March, 17th to May, 13th 2017, the Martel gallery is devoting an exhibition of drawings from Lorenzo Mattotti newly released book Guirlanda.
Opening with the artist attendance : March, 16th 2017 at 6.30 PM.
Book signing session : March, 18th at 3.00 PM.
Galerie Martel, 17 rue Martel, 75010 Paris. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 14h30 to 19h..
Informations : 01 42 46 35 09.

Lorenzo Mattotti's bibliography

Award : Fondation Gan pour le Cinéma
Lorenzo Mattotti, Special Prize winner
The Bears Famous Invasion of Sicily, Lorenzo Mattotti's feature film currently being prepared by Prima Linea, received on Monday evening the Special Prize of the Gan Foundation for Cinema.
The Gan Foundation Creation Aid consists of rewarding 4 projects of feature films (first and second films), selected in the form of a screenplay and awarding 1 Special Prize. The choice of the Special Prize remains the privilege of the Foundation which operates throughout the year as a researcher.

The Bear's Famous Invasion of Sicily
7/09/12 Film :
Once upon a time... Maybe not [Il était une fois... Peut-être pas]
Lorenzo Mattotti signed with Prima Linea Productions tha animated sequencesof TV film by Charles Nemes's "Once upon a time... Maybe not", selected in official competition to the next Festival of the TV drama of La Rochelle (12-16 September).
Il était une fois... Peut-être pas, a film by Charles Nemes, script by Akli Tadjer, production: Endemol, executive producer: Nora Melhi,length 98'.
Creation of animated sequences: Lorenzo Mattotti, production: Prima Linea Productions, production assistant: David Coquard Dassault, animators: Alessia Cordini - Tracy Nowocien, compositing: Marc Konings - David Says - Christelle Soutif, film editor: Charlotte Teillard d' Eyry, executive producers: Valérie Schermann and Christophe Jankovic, director of production: Tanguy Olivier

Exhibition :
The Raven
Exhibition of the original artworks of the book The Raven (éditions du Seuil) by Lou Reed and Lorenzo Mattotti, from November 18th 2009 to January 9th 2010.
Vernissage in presence of the artists on Tuesady November 17th since 18h30.
Galerie Martel, 17 rue Martel, 75010 Paris. Open from 14h30 to 19h00, from tuesday to saturday.
Informations : +33 (0)1 42 46 35 09.

Lorenzo Mattotti's bibliography

Exhibition/Meeting :
Lorenzo Mattotti
Exhibition from September 7th to October 31st 2009.
Meeting with Lorenzo Mattotti on Tuesday, October 8th 2009, 20h.
La bibliothèque-médiatèque Hermeland, rue François Rabelais, 44817 Saint-Herblain, France.
Informations : +33 (0)1 42 46 35 09.

Lorenzo Mattotti's Portfolio

Exhibition :
Silkscreen printings
Exhibition-sale of silkscreen printings by Lorenzo Mattotti, from february 16th to march 3rd 2009.
Galerie Martel, 17 rue Martel, 75010 Paris. Open from 14h30 to 19h00, from tuesday to saturday.
Informations : +33 (0)1 42 46 35 09.

Lorenzo Mattotti's Portfolio

Exhibition :
Loup y es-tu ? (Wolf are you there ?)
From june 25th 2008, wolves invade the CIBDI in Angoulême with a multi-faces exhibition (with artworks from Marie Caillou, Solotareff, Chalet, Kimiko, Mattotti & Petit-Roulet, among others) and many events around the wolf (among which screenings of "Loulou et Autres loups").
CIBDI, 121 rue de Bordeaux, Angoulême, France. From june 25th to januray 9th 2009.
Infos & booking : +33 (0)5 45 38 65 65.

18/12/07 Film:
French national release on february 13th 2007

Festivals and previews schedule:
. Rome Film Fest (Italy), official selection, out of competition, " surprise film " - oct. 2007 (www.romacinemafest.org)
. Sundance (USA), selection, out of competition - jan. 2008 (www.sundance.org/festival)
. Festival International de la bande dessinée (Angoulême, France), public previews on invitation - jan. 2008 (www.bdangouleme.com)
. Festival du film fantastique de Gerardmer (France), out of competition - jan. 2008 (www.gerardmer-fantasticart.com)
. International Film Festival Rotterdam (Netherlands)- jan.-feb. 2008 (www.filmfestivalrotterdam.com)
. Festival Anima (Bruxelles, Belgium), opening festival - feb. 2008 (www.folioscope.awn.com)
. Paris, public previews (on invitation) - feb. 2008
. Bilbolbul, Festival internationale di fumetto, anteprima (Italy) - march 2008 (www.bilbolbul.net)

Peur(s) du noir, a film by Blutch, Charles Burns, Marie Caillou, Pierre di Sciullo, Jerry Kramski, Lorenzo Mattotti, Richard McGuire, Michel Pirus and Romain Slocombe - art direction by Etienne Robial - produced by Valérie Schermann & Christophe Jankovic / Prima Linea Productions, with the support of the Centre National de la Cinématographie
Distribution: Diaphana - international sales: Celluloïd Dreams
Press relations: Robert Schlockoff & Valérie Chabrier.


23/11/05 Film:
Peur(s) du noir
Screening in 2008
This crazy and unusual project assembles 11 creators of the first rank — comic artists, illustrators and graphic artists. For the first time, these creators step over from the stillness of drawing to the movement of animation. They will tell us about their primeval fears. In Winter 2008 in the movie theaters, open the doors of their fears. And their fears shall become yours.

Peur(s) du noir, a film by Blutch, Charles Burns, Marie Caillou, Pierre di Sciullo, Dupuy-Berberian, Jerry Kramski, Lorenzo Mattotti, Richard McGuire, Michel Pirus and Romain Slocombe - art direction by Etienne Robial - produced by Valérie Schermann & Christophe Jankovic / Prima Linea Productions, with the support of the Centre National de la Cinématographie
Distribution: Diaphana - international sales: Celluloïd Dreams
Press relations: Robert Schlockoff & Valérie Chabrier.



La chambre / Angkor

2 new books by Lorenzo Mattotti published at le Seuil on january 14th 2004.

La chambre, Editions du Seuil, Paris, 2004, ISBN: 2020633450. 176 pages, 12 €
Angkor, Editions du Seuil, Paris, 2004, ISBN: 2020633469. 144 pages, 32€


Book: Caboto
Gavotto ? Calbot ? Caboto ?
Editions Casterman, Belgium, 2003
Who really was Caboto ? One knows he was born in Venice, that he was a merchant, an astronomer, a cartographer and an ocean voyager. It is during one of his expeditions off the Brasilian coasts, that he suddenly decides to change his course. He believes that he found the way to the Sierra de la Plata and the Eldorado. This album is the re-issue of the Voyage de Caboto published in 1991 by Albin-Michel and now out of print. It has been entirely re-engraved, with an 8 pages foreword by Zentner, published for the first time in French and with original illustrations by Mattotti.

Caboto, Editions Casterman, Collection Un Monde, Belgium, 2003, ISBN 2203389788, 56 pages, 12,50€


Book: The man at the window
"...to run after the sadows in one‚s head"
Editions Casterman, Belgium, 2003
He is a sculptor. Even if he sometimes isn't sure of that. Sensitive to the winds, to the lights, to the lines which now and then get muddled in the city's landscapes, he searches. For an inspiration, a woman, a memory. A piece of scrap iron. During his strolls, or his nightmares, he retraces endlessly the thread of his life, without doubt in quest of the truth, of the beauty and love that live inside him although he never succeeds to conquer them. After the international success of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde, The Man at the Window invites us to discover Mattotti‚s talent, this time in black and white. This album is a reprint, with a new cover, of a sold out book, published in 1992 by Albin-Michel.

L'Homme à la fenêtre, Editions Casterman, Collection Ecritures, Belgium, 2003, ISBN 2203372397, 160 pages B&W, 12,50 0€


Catalogue: Un Fantasma nella stanza
Black & White
Tricromia Studio d'Arte Editions, Roma, Italia
A beautiful collection of charcoal draws and pencil draws. Fourty pages to discover in black and white.

Un Fantasma nella stanza, Ed. Tricromia Studio d'Arte, Roma, Italia, 600 ex. signed. Diffusion Makassar, Paris, France, 19,80, 19,80€


Album, comic art: Posters by Mattotti / Le bruit du givre
The noise of frost
Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 2003
Signing by the author on February 6th, 2003, from 4:00 PM, Librairie Nation, 4 bd Charonne, 75020 Paris, M° Nation

Lorenzo Mattotti opens this new year 2003 with two new books: "Les affiches de Mattotti", a collection of posters which retraces twenty years of creativity, of inspiration for the benefit of festivals, exhibitions and public events. "Le bruit du givre", a magisterial initiatic tale , with flamboyant and oniric colours.

Les affiches de Mattotti, Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 2003, ISBN: 2020585138, Price: 30 €, 95 pages in colour.
Le bruit du givre, Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 2003, ISBN: 2020560631, Price: 15 €, 120 pages in colour, large book, soft cover.


Encounters: Comic art in Bastia
Lorenzo Mattotti / Grégoire Solotareff
IXth encounters of comic art
April 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 2002, Centre culturel "Una Volta", Arcades du Theatre, rue Cesar-Campinchi, 20200 Bastia, Tel (+33) 4 95 32 12 81

From April 4th to 7th, 2002, comic art settles down again for the 9th year in Bastia for a new edition of the Comic art encounters. This event takes place around monographic and thematic exhibitions, debates, while according utmost importance to meetings between authors and audience. Among the proposed ten original exhibitions, two are devoted to the young, with a retrospective of the works of Gregoire Solotareff : "Stories of friends, stories of love". The exhibition "Color first" offers a glance on the production of Lorenzo Mattotti for the younger, as well as a selection among his comic strips, illustrations, posters and commercial drawings. A projection of Eugenio, an adaptation of the album of the same name, is also part of the programme.

Grégoire Solotareff portfolio
Lorenzo Mattotti portfolio


TV/Web: Comic artists, a graphic adventure
Make room for comic art
France 5, Broadcast on Sunday at 8.10 AM and Saturday at 7.00 PM on satellite, from january 5th, to March 11th, 2002 Website on line from January 21st, duration: 1 year
On the occasion of the broadcast of a documentary series entitled "Comic artists, a graphic adventure", France 5's website creates a mini-site dedicated to comic art. The series portrays 13 well-known author-artists confirmés, paying particular attention to their work and style. Three Prima Linea artists are part of the selection : the Dupuy-Berberian and Lorenzo Mattotti.


Lorenzo Mattotti portfolio

10/01/02 Comic art/Exhibition: Dr Jekyll & Mister Hyde
Upsetting and fascinating
Editions Casterman, Paris, 2002 Galerie Medicis, 13 rue Medicis, 75006 Paris, from January 11th to February 16th, 2002, open Tuesday to Saturday from 10.00 AM to1.00 PM and 2.00 to 7.00 PM,
Tel. (0)1 44 07 35 18

Mattotti achieves a brilliant adaptation of Stevenson‚s novel, which evoked, on the supernatural mode, the duality of human soul. Shadows grow longer, oppressing, the whole in crude colors, as if to emphasize the violence of the narration. The book will be launched by an exhibition at the Medicis gallery.

Docteur Jekyll & Mister Hyde, Editions Casterman, Collection BD „A suivreš, Paris, 2002, ISBN 2203389885,
64 pages, 13,50 ¤

08/02/01 Exhibition: Beeld verhaal kleur lijn
Image, Story, Color, Lines
Galerie Tweebronnen, Diestsestraat 46, Louvain, Belgium, Tel. 00 32 1623 8427, from 2001February 8th to April 1st, open from Tuesday from Sunday from 12:00 to 18:00, on Wednesday from 12:00 to 20:00
A Lorenzo Mattotti’s great retrospective exhibition in Belgium (after Milano), where over more 400 pieces are presented (comix, illustrations, posters, acrylics and unpublished drawings).


10/01/01 Exhibition: Comics
Institut Culturel italien, 50 rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris, France, from 2001 January 10th to February 23rd, open from Monday to Friday, 9:30-13:00, 15:00 -18:00. Informations: (+33) 1 44 39 49 39
A prestigious location for a comic’s retrospective of Lorenzo Mattotti. The opportunity to discover the complete production with originals in black & white and color.

Lorenzo Mattotti bibliography

11/10/00 Exhibition: Segni e colori
Mattotti in Milano
Porta Romana Gallery, viale Sabotino, 22, Milano, Italia, from October 19th to November 26th 2000, from tuesday to sunday:10 h-20 h, on thursday:10 h-22 h.
A Lorenzo Mattotti’s great retrospective exhibition in Milano, where over more 400 pieces are presented (comix, illustrations, posters, acrylics and unpublished drawings).

Lorenzo Mattotti portfolio

30/08/00 Exhibition: Fashion Illustration Now
Art & Fashion
Mayor Gallery, 22A Cork Street, London W1X 1HB, Tel. 00 (44) 20 7734 3558 , from September 26th to November 3rd 2000
“Fashion Illustration Now”, Editions Thames & Hudson, 2000 September
The first exhibition dedicated to the highly talented fashion illustrators work. The drawings of two artists of Prima Linea are especially presented: Anja Kroencke and Lorenzo Mattotti. This exhibition is the result of the publication of Laird Borelli’s book (an historian specializing in fashion): “Fashion Illustration Now”.

Lorenzo Mattotti portfolio

11/06/00 Exhibition: Acryliques
Acrylics in the land of Tulips
Annèe Gallery, Jacobijnestraat 22, 2011 TH Haarlem, Amsterdam, Netherlands, tél: 00 (31) 023 53 25 231, from june 2nd to july 15th 2000
A new exhibition of Mattotti’s flamboyant “Acrylics” paintings, in Amsterdam.
11/04/00 Poster: Cannes International Film Festival
Mattotti in Cannes
Cannes International Film Festival, France, 2000, may10 -21, 2000
Lorenzo Mattotti designed the poster for the 53rd Cannes International Film Festival
29/03/00 Book/Exhibition: Fiabe dei Balcani (Tales from the Balkans)
Lorenzo Mattotti
Cock-and-bull stories
Gallery Nuages, via S. Spirito 5, 20121 Milano, Italy, tel: 00 (39) 002 781847 (from April 13th to May 13th 2000)
Inspired by balkanic legends, these tales will captivate both old and young. The strength of Lorenzo Mattotti’s images conveys all the fantastic and the uncanny of these stories. To read in the evening before going to sleep: shudders guaranteed!
Fiabe dei Balcani, Einaudi Editore, Collection I Millenni, Italie, 2000, 332 pages, 75.000 lires, ISBN 8806149768
24/03/00 Exhibition: Pastels and drawings
A return to origins for the Maestro
Galleria dell’Incisione, via Bezzeca 4, 25128 Brescia, Italy, tel: 00 (39) 030 397466 (from April 14th to May 15th 2000, 5 PM to 8 PM, closed on Mondays)
A new Lorenzo Mattotti exhibition in his native city, presenting this time a collection of yet unpublished illustrations in black and white, produced in 1999 et 2000, and pastel drawings with warm and radiating colors.
To see the images: http://www.incisione.com/mattoimm.html
1/02/00 Book/Exhibition : Anonymes
Mysterious strangers...
Anonymes, Editions du Seuil, Paris, France
Galerie Médicis, 13 rue Médicis, 75006 Paris, France, tél: 01 44 07 35 18 (from February 25th to March 25th, 2000): exhibition of original artwork, sketches and silkscreens.
Mattotti produced for this book some thirty beautiful portraits of women. The reader might get the feeling that he has already passed those mysterious strangers. Who are they ? Women he once caught a glimpse of, loved, or dreamed about ? Piersanti’s pen gives life to their silence and, through the emotion which radiates from them, makes these women almost familiar to us... Impossible to remain insensitive to the power of Mattotti’s images.
Anonymes, text by Claudio Piersanti, Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 2000, 64 pages, 139 FF, 20,5 x 29 cm, hardback, ISBN 2020382245
24/11/99 Book/Exhibition: : La Divina Commedia
Dante’s “Inferno” by Mattotti
Exhibition of original drawings: Gallery Nuages, Via S. Spirito 5, Milano, Italy. From November 16th to December 5th, 1999.
Lorenzo Mattotti carries us into his vision of Hell. 21 illustrations describing a universe both eerie and spellbinding.
Dante Alighieri, La Divina Commedia/L'Inferno by Lorenzo Mattotti, Ed. Nuages, Milan, 1999, italie. IL58000.
23/11/99 Exhibition : Mattotti originals
One-man show in Brussells
Gallery “Sans titre”, 8 avenue de Stalingrad, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgique. From November 10th to December 31st.
28/10/99 Exhibition/Book: Acryliques, Acrylics
Lorenzo Mattotti, the story of a painter
Acryliques, Acrylics, Lorenzo Mattotti Editions Canaletto, 3 quai Lťopold-Suquet 34200 Sète, France
A splendid book. The catalogue of his last exhibition which took place last summer in Sète (France). It features more than 50 neat reproductions of brightly coloured acrylics.