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New edition of the DVD
Find from October 20th Loulou and other wolves on DVD, in a new edition by Les Films du Paradoxe.
France - total duration: 55 min - 4/3 and 16/9 - Color - Stereo - French Version and English version. 19,90.

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Film : "Loulou and other wolves"
Grégoire Solotareff, Marie Caillou, François Chalet, Richard McGuire, Philippe Petit-Roulet, Prima Linea Productions
Loulou and 4 little wolves
On the screens from March 26 th, 2003, in all France

Loulou and other wolves... is an original animation programme for the young, lasting 55 minutes, on the theme of wolves. It includes a 28 minutes film adapted from "Loulou" the famous album by Grégoire Solotareff published by l'Ecole des loisirs, and four shorts designed and directed by extremely original graphic authors : Philippe Petit-Roulet, François Chalet, Marie Caillou, Richard McGuire. Those five films are scripted by Jean-Luc Fromental and Gregoire Solotareff. Particuliarly fit for children between 4 and 10 years-old, this programme will also be thoroughly enjoyed by parents and in general by any audience fond of animated films and humorous tales.

Prima Linea Productions presents :
- Loulou adapted from his album, by Gregoire Solotareff, scenario Solotareff & J-L Fromental, directed by Serge Elissalde, music by Sanseverino
=> Best TV Film Pulcinella & UNICEF Pulcinella at the Positano Festival 2003
=> Best Youth Film at the Auch Festival 2003

- Pour faire le portrait d'un loup, design and direction Philippe Petit-Roulet
=> Best Film for Children at the BAF Awards, Bradford 2003
- T'es où Mère-Grand ?! design and direction François Chalet
- Mari Ka et le loup, design and direction Marie Caillou
- Micro loup, design and direction Richard McGuire