Editions : Zarafa
Enhanced digital book of Zarafa
Produced and realized by Prima Linea Editions, the enhanced, livened up, interactive and sound digital book Zarafa is available from today in download, exclusively on the Apple iBook Store.
A narrative of 71 pages writen by Vanessa Portal, with about forty interactivities to be discovered with the colored words, numerous images and animated extracts from the movie, 12 tracks of the soundtrack of the movie composed by Laurent Perez del Mar.
After The Fairy Herbarium by Benjamin Lacombe (co-published with Albin Michel Jeunesse), Prima Linea Editions pushes away the limits of the audiovisual enrichment and the interactivity of the ePub3 format.
Zarafa can be read on an iPad with iBooks, on an iPhone (3G or later version) or iPod Touch (2nd generation or later version).

mini site : www.primalinea.com/epubZarafa.html
download : www.primalinea.com/zarafa-epub-fr.html


Music : Zarafa
Zarafa's theme on the red carpet
The title of the original soundtrack of Zarafa "Le départ de Marseille" accompanied the jury and all the artists at the final salvation of the closing ceremony of the 65th Cannes Film Festival.
Composer Laurent Perez del Mar, edition Prima Linea Musica.

It's one of the tracks offered on the interactive digital book Zarafa soon available on the Apple iBook Store.


Award : Zarafa
Rémi Bezançon and Jean-Christophe Lie best directors of the year
The directors of Zarafa were recognized Best Directors of the year at the 2012 edition of Cartoon Movie in Lyon.
The aim of the Cartoon Movie Tributes is to reward outstanding achievements, companies or personalities that have had a positive and dynamic influence on the European animation feature film industry.



French national release : Zarafa
A very good start for Zarafa
Zarafa has attracted over 2,700 spectators at the time of the first screenings in Paris yesterday at 14h, taking the second place at the box office, behind La Taupe. Screened in 19 theaters of the Grand Paris, the film get the best average per copy for releases of the day.



Books : Zarafa
Publication of the book serie Zarafa by Nathan on January 26th
Rediscover the incredible story of Zarafa in the books of the film ! Books appropriate for each age group from 4 years:
- Zarafa - The puzzle book : a book of 5 puzzles of 35 pieces showing the beautiful illustrations of the film.

From 4 years. ISBN : 2092536435. 14,90 €.
- Zarafa - The little album : the story of Zarafa in a small album accessible to young people.
From 6 years. ISBN : 2092539663. 5,80 €.
- The extraordinary adventure - The novel of the film : the story of Zarafa as a novel accessible to the largest, with an 8-pages booklet documentary at the end of the book on the true journey of the giraffe.
From 7 years. ISBN : 2092536451. 8,00 €.
- Zarafa - The big album : a beautiful large format album to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the film.
From 6 years. ISBN : 2092536443. 13,00 €.


Festival : The Man in the Blue Gordini
Nomination for The César 2011
The list of nominations for the Cesar 2011 was revealed this Friday, January 21 by Alain Terzian, during the press conference given by the Academy to announce the 36th ceremony of Cesar in the salons of the Fouquet's.
The Man with the Blue Gordini, shortlisted for the César of Short Film and the César of Animation Film 2011 is now part of the five nominees in this category.

36th Ceremony of César, 25 February 2011 at the Théâtre du Châtelet.


Festival : The Man in the Blue Gordini
Audience Award at 7th Festival Court Métrange
The festival of the bizarre and fantastic of Rennes awarded "The Man in the Blue Gordini" with the Audience Award, giving to the film its fourteenth reward.



Festival : The Man in the Blue Gordini
Double pre-selection at the César 2011
"The Man with the Gordini" is in pre-selection for the Cesar of Best Short Film and for the Cesar of Film Animation 2011. After this first round, nominations will be revealed at the press conference announcement of nominations to be held Friday, January 21, 2011.



Festival : The Man in the Blue Gordini
"Award of distinction" at Ars Electronica Festival in Linz
The "Award of Distinction" in the category "Computer Animation / Film / VFX" was awarded to "The Man with the Gordini" by the jury of the 24th edition of the Prix Ars Electronica.


Festival : The Man in the Blue Gordini
Three new prizes at A-Tube Festival !
"The Man in the Blue Gordini" has been awarded with three prizes last week-end at A-Tube Festival, Varese (It) : "Special Mention Award" and "Press Award" in the Short Film Contest, and "Best storyboard artist - short film" in the Golden Storyboard Award.


Festival : The Man in the Blue Gordini
13ème nuit des Lutins du Court-Métrage
On June 3rd 2010, in over 30 cities in France, in Gaumont and Pathé theaters, a selection of films nominated for the "Lutins du Court-Métrage" will be screened digitally and simultaneously. The Man with the Gordini is part of the selected films.



Festival : The Man in the Blue Gordini
Short Animation Award at the festival COL-COA of Los Angeles
The Man with the Blue Gordini was awarded best short animation film yesterday at the festival COL-COA (City of Lights, City of Angels) of Los Angeles. The jury of this festival supported by UNIFRANCE was composed of Kimberly Browning, Jeremy Kagan and Wayne Kramer.


Festival : The Man in the Blue Gordini
Hermès Award at the Short Film Festival of Fréjus
New award for The Man in the Blue Gordini: The Hermès Award of the City, at the Short film Fetsival of Frejus. This prize is awarded by the competition jury composed with cinema professionals (President 2010: Georges Lautner), video and film buffs.


Festival : The Man in the Blue Gordini
Two new prizes for "The Man in the Blue Gordini" !
"The Man in the Blue Gordini" has been awarded with two prizes on November : Special Jury Award at the China International Animation and Digital Arts Festival (CICDAF) in Changzhou (China) and the Audience Award at the ArtCourtVidéo Festival in Arles (France).

Note : the short film will be included in the official selection, in national competition, at the next International Short-Film Festival of Clermont-Ferrand (January 2010).


DVD : The Man in the Blue Gordini
The DVD "The Man in the Blue Gordini"
Limited edition to 100 ex. numbered.
Multi-régions DVD, PAL, 16/9, Stereo - 10 minutes.
Piste 1: Français, piste 2: English subtitles.
Exclusively on sale at PrimaLineaFactory.com and at Colette.



Festival : The Man in the Blue Gordini
Two prizes for "The Man in the Blue Gordini" at the Festival d'Annecy
In competition among 40 short films of this 2009 edition, "The Man in the Blue Gordini" has been awarded with two prizes: "Jean-Luc Xiberras" award for a first film, and Junior Jury Award for a short film.
Award winners (PDF)



Short film : The Man in the Blue Gordini
Screenings of "The Man in the Blue Gordini"
Already two nice selections for Jean-Christophe Lie's short film produced by Prima Linea Productions :
Official selection - competition at the Festival de Cannes.
Official selection - competition at the Festival d'Annecy.

Screenings already planed :
Cannes - Press screening - May 19th 2009 13h30, Salle Buñuel.
Cannes - Official screening - May 23rd 2009 11h00, Theatre Debussy.
Cannes - Public screening - May 23rd 2009 14h30, Salle Buñuel.

Angoulême - On invitation (contact us) - May 30th 2009 16h30, Salle Nemo de la Cité Internationale de la Bande Dessinée et de l’Image.

Annecy (CMC 4 / 041) - June 09th 2009 18h00. Show badge - MJC Novel.
Annecy (CMC 4 / 042) - June 11th 2009 14h00. Booking - Bonlieu - Grande salle.
Annecy (CMC 4 / 043) - June 11th 2009 16h00. Booking - Décavision - Salle 1.
Annecy (CMC 4 / 044) - June 11th 2009 18h00. Booking - Décavision - Salle 1.
Annecy (CMC 4 / 045) - June 11th 2009 21h00. Booking - Bonlieu - Grande salle.
Annecy (CMC 4 / 046) - June 12th 2009 14h00. Show badge - La Turbine.
Annecy (CMC 4 / 047) - June 12th 2009 16h00. Booking - Décavision - Salle 2.

Paris - Best of Annecy - June 25th 2009 20h00 (time to be confirmed) - Forum des Images.

Other screenings to come. List updated in the section "diary" of film's website : www.primalinea.com/gordini


Festival : The Man in the Blue Gordini
"The Man in the Blue Gordini" in the Official Selection of the Festival de Cannes
The film is one of the 9 short films that will be screened this year at the 62nd Festival de Cannes in Official Selection, and the only French one.
Screening on Saturday 23 of May.
Festival de Cannes, from 13 to 24 of May 2009.

Informations: Tel: +33 (0) 1 53 59 61 00 - Mail: festival@festival-cannes.fr


Festival : The Man in the Blue Gordini
"The Man in the Blue Gordini" in the Official Selection of the Festival d'Annecy
Annecy has been showcasing the very best in animation for over 45 years, making it the industry's leading international competitive festival. "The Man in the blue Gordini" will be in competition with about forty other short films of the 2009 Official Selection.
Screenings :
CMC 4 / 041 - tuesday 09/06/2009 18h00. Show badge - MJC Novel
CMC 4 / 042 - thursday 11/06/2009 14h00. Booking - Bonlieu - Grande salle
CMC 4 / 043 - thursday 11/06/2009 16h00. Booking - Décavision - Salle 1
CMC 4 / 044 - thursday 11/06/2009 18h00. Booking - Décavision - Salle 1
CMC 4 / 045 - thursday 11/06/2009 21h00. Booking - Bonlieu - Grande salle
CMC 4 / 046 - friday 12/06/2009 14h00. Show badge - La Turbine
CMC 4 / 047 - friday 12/06/2009 16h00. Booking - Décavision - Salle 2

From Mondayi 8 to Saturday 13 of June 2009.
Informations: Tel: +33 (0)4 50 10 09 00 - Mail: info@annecy.org