Festivals schedule

• 22nd Cartoons on the Bay, Torino (It), 12-14 Apr. 2017
(www.cartoonsbay.rai.it) * Best Animated Feature Film

• Emile Awards,
Lille (Fr), 8 Dec.2017
(www.animationawards.eu) Nominated Best Feature Film, * Best Storyboard in a feature film production, Best Character Animation in a feature film production.
• Kecskemét Animation Film Festival
(Hu), 21-25 June 2017
(www.kaff.hu) * Best Feature Film
• Animafest, Zagreb (Hr), 5-10 June 2017
(www.animafest.hr) * Grand Prix Feature Film
• Holland Animation Film Festival, Utrecht (Nl), 22-26 March 2017
(www.haff.nl) * Grand Prix Feature Film
• Festival International de Film d'Animation de Meknès (Ma), 17-22 March 2017
(www.ficam.ma) Official Selection / Competition
• 89th Awards Academy - Oscars, Hollywood - L.A. (USA), 26 Feb. 2017
(www.oscars.org) Nominated Best Animated Feature
• Belgrade International Film Festival (RS), 24 Feb.-5 March 2017
(www.fest.rs) Official Selection
• 42ème Cérémonie des César, Paris (Fr), 24 Feb. 2017
(www.academie-cinema.org) Nominated Best Animated Feature
• International Film Music Critics Association (USA), 23 Feb. 2017
(www.filmmusiccritics.org) * Best Original Score for an Animated Film, nominated Score of The Year
• 64th M.P.S.E. Golden Reel Award, Los Angeles (USA), 19 Feb. 2017
(www.mpse.org) Nominated category Feature Animation
• IndieJúnior Allianz
, Porto (Pt), 5-12 Feb. 2017
(www.indiejunior.com) * Best Feature Film Award * DoctorGummy Award (young jury's choice)
• 44th Annie Awards,
Hollywood - L.A. (USA), 4 Feb. 2017
(www.annieawards.org) * Best Animated Feature-Independant, Nominated Best Direction, Best Screenplay, Best Music and Best Animated Effects
• Les Magritte du Cinéma, Bruxelles, (Be), 4 Feb. 2017
(www.lesmagritteducinema.com) * Best Foreign Film in co-production, Nominated Best Sound
• Prix du Syndicat Français de la Critique de Cinéma, Paris, (Fr), 30 jan. 2017
(www.syndicatdelacritique.com) * Best recent DVD/Blu-ray
• 22ème Cérémonie des Lumières, Paris, (Fr), 30 Jan. 2017
(www.academiedeslumieres.com) Nominated Best animated film and Best soundtrack
• Club Média Cinéma, Paris (Fr), 5 Jan. 2017
(www.forumdesimages.fr) * Coup de Chapeau
• Dubai International Film Festival
(UAE), 6-13 Dec. 2016
(www.dubaifilmfest.com) Official Selection
• European Film Awards, Wroclaw (Po), 10 Dec. 2016
(www.europeanfilmawards.eu) Official Selection / Competition
• Ajyal Youth Film Festival, Doha (Qa), 30 Nov.-5 Dec. 2016
(www.dohafilminstitute.com) Special screening
• Anilogue, Budapest (Hu), 23-27 N ov. 2016
(www.anilogue.com/2016) Opening film
• Etiuda & Anima, Kraków (Po), 22-27 Nov. 2016
(www.etiudaandanima.com) Special Guest
• Manchester Animation Festival (UK), 15-17 Nov. 2016
• Ljubljanski Mednarodni Filmski Festival, Ljubjana (Si), 9-20 Nov. 2016
(www.liffe.si) * Fipresci Prize * Kinotrip Youth Jury
• Festival du Cinéma et Musique de Film de la Baule
(Fr), 9-13 Nov. 2016
(www.festival-labaule.com) * Best Soundtrack
• Anima Mundi, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo (Br), 1-7 Nov. 2016
(www.filmes.animamundi.com.br) * Best Feature Film
• Big Cartoon Film Fest, Moscou (Ru), 27 Oct.-7 Nov. 2016
(www.multfest.ru) Film d'ouverture
• KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival (Nl), 25-30 Oct. 2016
(www.klik.amsterdam) * KLIK World Domination Award
• Rome Film Fest (It), 13-23 oct. 2016
(www.romacinemafest.it) Official Selection 'Everyboy's talking about it'
• Taichung International Animation Festival, Taiwan (Tw), 13-21 Oct. 2016
(www.tiaf.taichung.gov.tw) Closing film
• Animation Nation 2016, Singapour (Sg), 13-16 Oct. 2016
(www.sfs.org.sg) Closing film
• Cinekid, Amsterdam (Nl), 12-21 oct. 2016
(www.cinekid.nl) Official Selection / 'Best Dutch Family Film' competition
• Anim'est, Bucarest (Ro), 7-16 Oct. 2016
(www.animest.ro) Opening film
• Festival du nouveau cinéma, Montréal (Ca), 5-16 Oct. 2016
(www.nouveaucinema.ca) Official selection / International competition
• 60th BFI London Film Festival (Uk), 5-16 Oct. 2016
• Vancouver International Film Festiva (Ca), 29 Sept.-4 Oct. 2016
(www.viff.org) Official selection - Panorama
• FilmFest Hamburg (De), 29 Sept.-8 Oct. 2016
(www.filmfesthamburg.de) Official selection / 'Art Cinema Award' competition
• Viborg Animation Festival (Dk), 26 Sept.-2 Oct. 2016
• The /Slash Festival des Fantastischen Films, Vienna (At), 22 Sept.-2 Oct. 2016
• Indie AniFest, Seoul (Ko), 22-27 Sept. 2016
(www.ianifest.org) Opening film
• 22nd Athens International Film Festival (Gr), 21 Sept.-2 Oct. 2016
(www.en.aiff.gr) * Audience Award * Special Jury Mention
• Nederlands Film Festival, Utrecht (Nl), 21-30 Sept. 2016
• 64 San Sebastian film festival (Sp), 16-24 Sept. 2016
(www.sansebastianfestival.com) Official selection 'Pearls section'
• Toronto International film festival (Ca), 8-18 Sept. 2016
(www.tiff.net) Official selection
• Fantoche - Festival international du film d'animation, Baden (CH), 6-11 Sept. 2016
(www.fantoche.ch) Official selection
• Sarajevo film festival (Ba), 12-20 Aug 2016
• Melbourne International film festival
(Au), 28 Jul.-14 Aug 2016
• Festival international du film d'animation d'Annecy (Fr), 12-17 June 2016
(www.annecy.org) Opening film
• 68ème Festival international du film de Cannes (Fr), 11-22 May 2016
(www.festival-cannes.fr) * Un Certain Regard Jury's Award


Award : European Animation Awards
Two prizes at Emile Awards 2017
The Red Turtle won the Best Character Animation in a Feature Film Award and the Best Storyboard in a Feature Film Award at the end of the 1st Emile Award ceremony in Lille on December 8th.


Award : Emile Awards 2017
Three nominations at the first Emile Awards
The Red Turtle is nominated for the Emile Awards in the categories : Best Feature Film, Best Character Animation in a Feature Film and Best Storyboard in a Feature Film. Results on December 8th.
Emile Awards Cermeony, December 8th in Lille (France).


Award : KAFF 2017
Best Feature Film
The Red Turtle was awarded Best Feature Film last saturday at the 13rd Kecskemét Animation Film Festival (Hungary).


Award : Animafest Zagreb
Grand Prize for Best Feature
The Red Turtle won the Grand Prize for Best Feature Film on Sunday at Animafest Festival in Zagreb.


Movie: International release
The Red Turtle in UK
May 26th - Studio Canal UK


TV Broadcasting : BE 1
Belgian TV broadcasting of The Red Turtle on BE 1
Tuesday, May 9th, 21h.
Sunday, May 14th, 15h25.
Sunday, June 11th 22h35.
Tuesday, June 20th 10h15


Award : Holland Animation Film Festival
Grand Prix Feature Film
The Red Turtle won the Grand Prize for Best Feature Film on Sunday after the award ceremony of the 20th edition of the Holland Animation Film Festival.


Movie: International releases
The Red Turtle in Russia, Brasil, Turkey, Italy
February16th: Russia - Cinéma Prestige
February 16th: Brasil - Sony Pictures Classic
March 17th: Turkey - Bir Films
Match 27th: Italy - Bir Films


Awards : Annie Awards - Les Magritte du Cinéma
A week-end of awards for The Red Turtle.
From Bruxelles to Hollywood, The Red Turtle made the unanimity this weekend.. LeThe film was first awarded the Magritte of Best Foreign Feature at the 7th Magritte du Cinéma Ceremony in Bruxelles, and a few hours later, it won in Los Angeles the Best Animated Feature-Independant Award at the 44th Annie Awards Ceremony.


Awards: César 2017
Nomination for the César 2017
The Red Turtle is nominated for the César Award of Best Animated Film, beside two feature films (Ma vie de Courgette and La jeune fille sans main). Results on February 24th.
42th César Ceremony, February 24th 2017


Awards: Oscars 2017
The Red Turtle at the Oscars
The movie is a part of the five nominated in the category Best Animated Film of 89the edition of the Academy Awards. Rendez-vous on February 26th for definitive results.
89th Awards Academy Ceremony, February 27th 2017


Movie: International releases
The Red Turtle in Spain, USA and Canada
January 13th: Spain - Karma Films
January 20th: USA - Sony Pictures Classic
January 27th: Canada (Quebec) - A-Z Films


Awards: Club Média Ciné
"Hats Off" 2016 of the Club Média Ciné.
Created in 2015 and composed of 35 journalists specialized in the cinema, Club Media Ciné awarded last night The Red Turtle. This award recognizes a film "particularly daring" that went out in theaters during the year. Last year, it was given to the film "The Son of Saul" by Laszlo Nemes.


Event: Forum des Images, Paris
Michael Dudok de Wit at the14th Carrefour du Cinéma d'Animation
Michael Dudok de Wit is the special guest and the sponsor of the event « Le carrefour de l'animation ». At this occasion, he is given free rein to present an overview of his career. At this occasion, his early works as well his short films will be shown and he will also explain The Red Turtle making process.
14th Carrefour du Cinéma d'Animation, Forum des Halles - 2 rue du cinéma, 75001 Paris, December 8-11 2016


Awards: Festival du Cinéma et Musique de Film de la Baule
Best Soundtrack Award for The Red Turtle
Laurent Perez del Mar was awarded last saturday Best Soundtrack for The Red Turtle, on the occasion of the award ceremony of the 3rd edition of the Festival du Cinéma et Musique de Film de la Baule.
3ème Festival du Cinéma et Musique de Film de la Baule, du 9 au 13 novembre 2016


Event: Forum des images
Exceptional meeting with Isao Takahata and Michaël Dudok de Wit
On the occasion of its exceptional visit to France, the great Japanese master of animation Isao Takahata will meet in public with Michael Dudok de Wit, Saturday, Nov. 12 at the Forum des Images in Paris. A meeting animated by Xavier Kawa-Topor and Ilan Nguyên, organised by la NEF animation, in partenership with le Forum des images, Wild Bunch and la Fondation Gan pour le Cinéma
Forum des images, Saturday, Nov. 12, 17h30

Booking : www.forumdesimages.fr

Movie: International release
Michael Dudok de Wit in Japan
Michael Dudok de Wit began the promotion of The Red Turtle in Japan, where the film will be released on September 17 (on the photograph with M. Suzuki from Studio Ghibli).

Japanese official website
Japanese trailer

Movie: Original soundtrack
Discover the original soundtrack of The Red Turtle
You can now listen to the original soundtrack of the film. It is available
- digital on iTunes
- CD on Amazon.fr


Awards: AFCAE
Jean Lescure Price for The Red Turtle
More than 1100 movie theater members of the AFCAE were called to vote for the first prize "Jean Lescure" of cinemas Art house. They rewarded two equally placed movies: The Delights of Tokyo, by Naomi Kawase and The Red Turtle, by Michaël Dudok De Wit win the prize and will be (re)scheduled in Art house theaters throughout this summer.


Movie: Preview
Discover The Red Turtle in preview in France
The feature will be released in France in 9 days! By there, you can discover it in preview…

minisite The Red Turtle

Festival: Annecy 2016
Standing ovation for The Red Turtle
Monday night, The Red Turtle opened in majesty the Annecy International and Film Festival, in a packed theater, in presence of Michael Dudok de Wit, Christophe Jankovic et Valérie Schermann.
Annecy International Animation Film Festival from 13 to 18 June 2016


Awards: Cannes 2016
The Red Turtle, Special Award at Un Certain Regard
The film was awarded Friday with the Special Prize by the jury of Un Certain Regard of the 69th Cannes Film Festival.
69th International Film Festival of Cannes from 11 to 22 May 2016


All French previews

PARIS - Reflet Médicis, 25 May, 14h. (rétrospective Un Certain Regard)
PARIS - Reflet Médicis, 29 May, 15h50. (rétrospective Un Certain Regard)
ANGOULÊME - Salle Némo de la CIBDI, 29 May, 14h. With the director and the crew.

PARIS - Chaplin Lambert, 7 June, 20h.
VARENNES/SEINE - Cinéma Confluence, 12 June (Clôture Festival Eco Citoyen).
PARIS - Gaumont Marignan, 12 June (Champs Elysées Film Festival).
ANNECY - 13 June, Festival du film d'animation - Ouverture (Sur invitation)
PARIS - Louxor, 14 June.

CLERMONT FERRAND - Ambiances, 17 June.


Festival: Cannes & Annecy 2016
Thank you !
Prima Linea Productions thanks again Studio Ghibli for having trusted him for the realization of the film The Red Turtle by Michael Dudok de Wit, that is presented to Un Certain Regard at the Festival de Cannes and opening of Annecy Festival. Thanks also to Wild Bunch & Why Not Productions.
69th International Film Festival of Cannes from 11 to 22 May 2016
Annecy International Animation Film Festival from 13 to 18 June 2016

minisite The Red Turtle

Festival: Annecy 2016
The Red Turtle opening film at Annecy 2016
The Red Turtle will be the opening film of the Annecy International Animation Film Festival on Monday, June 13th, 20:30 in Bonlieu.
Annecy International Animation Film Festival from 13 to 18 June 2016


Festival: Cannes 2016
The Red Turtle in Cannes
The film is part of the official selection Un Certain Regard of the 69th Cannes Film Festival.
This parallel section is compete the original films and fosters the discovery of new talent.
69th International Film Festival of Cannes from 11 to 22 May 2016


Festival: FIFA Annecy 2015
Michael Dudock presents The Red Turtle in Annecy
On the occasion of the Annecy Festival, Michael Dudock will reveal the manufacturing (still in progress in Prima Linea studios in Angoulême) of his feature The Red Turtle, during a "WIP" session, friday June 19th at 11h15, salle Pierre Lamy.
The Annecy International Animation Film Festival, from June 11th to 15th 2015