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Télérama | Cécile Mury

This hilarious hallucination, crazy tribute to the decorum of the seventies, deserves the price of cinema ticket.

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My French Filkm Festival | Fabrice Marquat

Interview with Jean-Christophe Lie, on the occasion of the online festival "My French Film Festival", organised by Unifrance.

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Les Lutins du Court-Métrage | Julien Blin & Stéphane Saint-Martin

Interview with Jean-Christophe Lie.

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Partition noticed : the one playful and kitsch of a sixties exquisite jazz for The Man with the Blue Gordini.

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Festivals du corv'

A funny short film without words, absurd, delusional, repository, very good.

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7/12/09 | Hugues Prévost

This film is speed, efficient and hilarious.

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Point G Magazine | Laurent Assuid

Interview with Jean-Christophe Lie, diaporama and film excerpts.

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Télé | Sophie Bourdais, Jérémie Couston, Marc Belpois

Barefaced and very mind-expanding anti-conformist fable.

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Mediapart | Samuel Dixneuf

"The Man in the Blue Gordini", attacks fiercely working and marchandisation of the man as well as unique thought by means of absurd and by satire.

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Télérama | Marc Belpois

We enjoy ourselves with the kitsch, very well-kept design, decorations and furnitures.
Long live the blue of the resistance!

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26/05/09 | Thomas Chouanière

Without chauvinism, France saw its representative Jean-Christophe Lie hit hard, with "The Man in the Blue Gordini", close to the "Morning Brown" of Pavloff in a cinematographic version. This animated film, daring, funny and often irreverent is based on the essence of his art, the opposition of pigments, for a real caustic result.

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Charente Libre | Marie-Aimée Bonnefoy

"The man with the Gordini" had all the qualities to qualify for the prize: it is argumentative, nervous, rude, graphically and musically provoking.

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Interview with Jean-Christophe Lie.

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France Bleue La Rochelle | La matinale Dominique Bourdot

Two interviews with Jean-Christophe Lie.

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Charente Libre | Alexandre Le Boulc'h

Last production of Prima Linea, "The Man in the Blue Gordini" by Jean-Christophe Lie, a young director of Angoulême, is, in his category, the only French film among the nine short films of the official selection 2009.

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