Aleksandr Bogdanovich, an eminent Russian botanist on special assignment in Rasputin’s Cabinet of Occult Sciences, is in search of the Elixir of life. His work leads him to Brocéliande, the enchanted forest famous for both its medicinal plants and its legends.
  Note by Benjamin Lacombe

This book is about a subject that was not my cup of tea : The Fairy. That's why I wanted to talk about it in a fresh way, to make a book of fairy I want, I could be passionate about. And there I made a point, because as the main character of the book, I was completely immersed in this universe. Uncommon for a project : I wake up in the morning only thinking about it and don't get sleep to growing it more and more. There are few projects that take this place, that obscure everything else... Something that had not happened since Tales of the Macabres, The Melody of the Tubes or Genealogy of a Witch. I put everything I love, this time period, Rasputin, the stage anatomy and plants, etc...
  Technical informations

Title : The Fairy Herbarium - Digital version
An e-book co-edited and co-produced by Albin Michel and Prima Linea

Graphic design and production : Benjamin Lacombe, assisted by Pierre-Guy Taillan
Digital Project Management : Prima Linea / Valérie Schermann and Christophe Jankovic
Responsible for Albin Michel : Marion Jablonski
Original music : Alexis Vallois

Animated sequences :
Art direction, storyboard and completion of the animation :
Benjamin Lacombe
Animation : Nicolas Quéré
Compositing : Bruno Giraud
Sound design : Piste Rouge
Head of production : Tanguy Olivier

Programming and integration : IGS-CP
Emmanuel Boyer, François Bouclet and Cyril Béchemin

Press relation : Anne-Céline Drach - 01 42 79 46 30 -

Released : Novembre 10, 2011
Size : 75 pages. 196 Mo
Language : Français
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© 2011, Albin Michel / Prima Linea

Law 49956 of 16 July 1949 on publications intended for young people
Copyright: second half of 2011
Issue Number: 19924 - ISBN: 978 2226 26 974 4