Enhanced digital book, animated, interactive and sound

Zarafa in enriched digital book, a delight for those who liked the movie, a magic discovery for the others. Find on your screen the adventure of Zarafa the giraffe and of Maki the little boy. More than 6 minutes of animated extracts, 15 minutes of original music and about forty interactivities enrich the reading of the story, discover them in the course of the text by typing the colored words…

It is the story of the indestructible friendship between Maki, a 10-years-old child, and Zarafa, an orphan giraffe, present of the Pasha of Egypt to King of France Charles X. Hassan, prince of the desert, is loaded with by the Pasha to drive Zarafa to France. Maki, decided well to make everything to oppose this mission and return the giraffe on its native land, be going to follow them at the risk of its life. During this long trip which will lead them from Sudan to Paris, by way of Alexandria, Marseille and the snowy Alps, they are going to live one thousand events and to cross the road of the aeronaut Malaterre, the strange cows Mounh and Sounh and of pirate Bouboulina…
  Technical informations

Title : Zarafa - Enhanced digital book

Text : Vanessa Portal
Direction and production : Prima Linea Editions
Programming and integration : IGS-CP
Music : Laurent Perez del Mar - Editions Musica Linea

Released : February 13, 2012
Length and weight : 75 pages. 196 Mo
Langue : Français
EBook tested and optimized for the application 2.1.1 (908), on iPad 2 ou 3 - iOs 5.1.1 (9B206).

As part of the Pôle image Magelis, with support from the Département de la Charente and the Région Poitou-Charentes

© 2012 Prima Linea - www.primalinea.com/editions

Law 49956 of 16 July 1949 on publications intended for young people
Legal deposit: first half 2012

ISBN : 979-10-91569-00-2