Events : Festival Temps d'Images
Moriarty et Burger
As part of the Festival Temps d'Images, Philippe Dupuy will be on stage at the Ferme du Buisson on 8 and 9 October in a show inspired by Moriarty's latest album, Memories from The Missing Room, directed by Marc Lainé.
Also as part of the Festival Temps d'Images, but this time on 14 October at the 104 in Paris, Philippe Dupuy and Charles Berberian will side with Rodolphe Burger, Julien Perraudeau, Alberto Malo and Erik Truffaz for a new representation of their concert of drawings.
La Ferme du Buisson Scène nationale de Marne-la-Vallée : Allée de la Ferme - Noisiel 77 448 Marne-la-Vallée cedex 2. Informations : + 33 (0)1 64 62 77 00
Le Centquatre : 5 rue Curial - 75019 Paris. Informations : + 33 (0)1 53 35 51 00


Event-Live : Fondation Cartier
Blutch and Dupuy-Berberian at the Soirées Nomades
Deux Soirées Nomades coup sur coup consacrées au dessin :
- Jeudi 22 octobre, Rodolphe Burger en concert illustré par Dupuy-Berberian : Le duo de dessinateurs illustre simultanément et en direct un concert de Rudolphe Burger.
- Vendredi 23 octobre, Soirée dessin live - "Total Sun Ra" : le journaliste et musicien Joseph Ghosn propose un mix alternant des disques du pianiste expérimentateur Sun Ra tandis que Blutch souligne à travers ses dessins la dimmension visuelle des compositions.
Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, 261 bd. Raspail, 75014 Paris.
Renseignements et réservation au +33 (0)1 42 18 56 72. Plein tarif : 6,50 euros, tarif réduit : 4,50 euros.


"Curious night of Comics " at the Ferme du Buisson
Saturday, April 25th from 22h30.

Comics is confronted with the performing arts at the Ferme du Buisson. Dupuy-Berberian invites you into the world of comics to discover its authors and friends through various medias.
Curious night of Comics also proposes a large selection of short films of comics authors such as "Schmock Planet" by Philippe Petit-Roulet or "Burning Heart" by Michel pirus.
Information and booking : +33 (0)1 64 62 77 77
Full price: 13€ / Buissonnier price: 8€.



Exhibition : 36th International Festival of Comics of Angoulême
25 years of pictures
2008 Great Prize of Angoulême laureates, Philippe Dupuy and Charles Berberian are the president of 2009 Festival edition.
Therefore, as it is in the habit of the Festival, a great exhibition is dedicated to their work at the CNBDI (International Comic Strip and Images Centre) from january 29th to the end of august 2009.

Dupuy-Berberian' portfolio, bio/biblio


FIBD: Grand Prix d'Angoulême
The 2008 Great Prize of Angoulême has been revealed on sunday, january 27th at 13:00. Philippe Dupuy and Charles Berberian succeed to 2007 prizewinner José Muñoz, and will be the president of 2009 festival edition.

Portfolio, bio/biblio of Dupuy-Berberian


Drawing meeting at Beaubourg
The BPI (public information library) proposes drawing meeting beetween the public and the artists around their work.

Monday October 1st 2007, 19:00, 'Petite Salle' floor – 1, Centre Pompidou, entrance Rue Saint-Martin, 75004 Paris. Free access.


Books: Poésies
Bayard Jeunesse Editions, Paris, 2003

Poésies, Bayard Jeunesse Editions, Paris, 2003, ISBN 03100801UK
Dupuy-Berberian bibliography


Books: Esprit es-tu là
Dupuis Editions, Paris, France, 2003

Henriette: Esprit es-tu là ?, Dupuis Editions, Paris, France, 2003, ISBN 03100801UK
Dupuy-Berberian bibliography


Comic: Inventaire avant travaux
Mister Jean moves out
Dupuis editions, collection Expresso, Paris, France, 2003
Mister Jean, early father, is now ready to settle down with his family.

Inventaire avant travaux, Dupuis editions, collection Expresso, Paris, France, ISBN: 20032800133856
Dupuy-Berberian bibliography


Book: F
Lonely girls...
Le 9ème Monde editions, Paris, France, 2002
You thumb through this beautiful small book like a photo album. F... as Women ("Femmes" in French)

F, Le 9ème Monde editions, Paris, France, 2002, 48 pages, ISBN 2844560334, Price: 10,50 €


Concert: Night Buzz
All to Bastille !
La Scene, 2 bis rue des Taillandiers, 75011 Paris, Tel. 01 48 06 12 13, Monday, March 18th, 2002
at 6.30 PM

Charles Berberian & Jean-Claude Denis are going to warm up La Scene, in first part of the evening. A concert not to be missed !

Night Buzz, Editions Ritendo, 2001


TV/Web: Comic artists, a graphic adventure
Make room for comic art
France 5, Broadcast on Sunday at 8.10 AM and Saturday at 7.00 PM on satellite, from january 5th, to March 11th, 2002 Website on line from January 21st, duration: 1 year
On the occasion of the broadcast of a documentary series entitled "Comic artists, a graphic adventure", France 5's website creates a mini-site dedicated to comic art. The series portrays 13 well-known author-artists confirmés, paying particular attention to their work and style. Three Prima Linea artists are part of the selection : the Dupuy-Berberian and Lorenzo Mattotti.


Dupuy-Berberian portfolio

12/06/01 Comic: Comme s'il en pleuvait
Mister Jean is a father !
Editions Les Humanoides associes, Paris, France, 2001
Booksign on Thursday June 14th, 2001, at 5.30 PM and concert from 7.OO PM to 8.00 PM at Extrapole, Grands Boulevards, 5 bd Montmartre, 75002 Paris
Extrapole in Rouen, booksign on June 22th, 2001, ar 5.30 PM / Extrapole in Belle Epine, booksign on June 30th at 3.00 PM / Le Furet du Nord in Lille, booksign and meeting-debate on Thursday June 28that 3.00 PM.

On the occasion of the publication of tome 5 of Monsieur Jean - who discovers the joys of fatherhood - Philippe Dupuy and Charles Berberian chose Extrapole for the signing of their last album and to explain publicly about the fatherhood of their hero. To celebrate this happy event, Charles Berberian and Jean-Claude Denis will give a concert.
Comme s'il en pleuvait, Editions Les Humanoïdes associés, Paris, France, 2001, 64 FF, ISBN 2731613998 Nighbuzz, Editions Ritendo, 2000
25/01/01 Concert: Nightbuzz
On tour...
Bar de l'Echiquier, 82 bis rue de Paris, 16000 Angoulême, France, on January 26th, 2001 at 11 pm.
A concert by Charles Berberian and Jean-Claude Denis, accompanied by Margerin (song, tambourine, noises), Philippe Dupuy (mandolin, charango) and Shane Aspegren (drums). If you're around, don't hesitate to go and applaud them. Other concerts are scheduled for March in Nancy and Brussells. To be continued...
Nightbuzz, Editions Ritendo, France, 2000

Book: The Little Boy who didn't exist
Editions Cornélius, Paris, France, 2000
No one can remain indifferent to this little book: a poignant story illustrated by drawings tainted with a bitter sadness.

The Little Boy who didn't exist, Editions Cornélius, Collection Louise, Paris, France, 2000, ISBN 2909990575, 14 pages.
16/10/00 Miscelleneous: Nightbuzz
A blue recorded tinted with blues
Ritendo Editions, France, 2000

After the eyes, the ears: Charles Berberian and Jean-Claude Denis just released their first album. With 500 copies printed, this record which includes 13 songs, comes with a booklet illustrated by the Dupuy-Berberian. In order to receive a signed copy, one only has to put in an order on their site.
13/10/00 Miscelleneous: Melon Galia
Surprise packet

Dupuy-Berberian have created the cover for the new record of Belgian pop group Melon Galia. They invented a little character with a body of cork et and legs made of matches which they then put to life in different illustrations. To be seen soon on Prima Linea’s web site.
article review (french text)
27/09/00 Livre: Trenet illustrated
On the tracks of the singing madman
Editions Albin Michel Jeunesse, Paris, France, 2000
34 texts of songs by Charles Trenet, a real book of poems to enjoy with the drawings by Dupuy-Berberian and an introduction signed by François Truffaut. A pocketbook format for a beautiful album of images and dream.
Trenet illustré, Editions Albin Michel Jeunesse, Paris, France, 2000, ISBN 222608990, 127 pages, 69 FF
28/02/00 Book: It’s sometimes hard for mice to climb mountains
An amusing and barmy caricature of the filmworld
Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 2000
Dupuy-Berberian produced twenty or so illustrations in black and white on a text by Vincent Ravalec. The story tells how the hero, a novelist, lands in the ever so fascinating world of movies.
Les souris ont parfois du mal à gravir les montagnes , Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 2000, ISBN 2020365622, 140 pages, 129 FF
28/02/00 Book: The Theory of Lonely People
Mr John’s life, backstage
Les Humanoïdes Associés, Collection Tohu Bohu, Paris, France, 2000
After being awarded the Alph-Art for the best album at Angoulême (France) festival in 1999 with the 4th volume of Mr Jean’s adventures, Dupuy and Berberian explore with delectation the small world of this engaging character. Through the book, in pleasureful black and white, the authors allow themselves a few flashbacks, take shortcuts and thus weave connections between all episodes. Mr Johns private life won’t hold any more secrets for his fans.
The Theory of Lonely People, Les Humanoïdes Associés, Collection Tohu Bohu, Paris, France, 2000, 120 pages, 69 FF, ISBN 2731613548
10/11/99 Advertising: Les Vins Nicolas
Visual identity for the Millemium
Nicolas' wine retailers (France, United-Kingdom, Germany, Belgium)
The duo Dupuy-Berberian who worked for Nicolas for about 2 years, have been joined by Pierre di Sciullo to redesigned Nicolas? shops for the year 2000. Di Sciullo has designed an original typography to be found on gift wrapping paper, bags, advertising posters, Christmas decorations, catalogues, accessories...
Production: Prima Linea Productions