12/11/12 Exhibition :
Affiche-action : quand la politique s'écrit dans la rue
The BDIC proposes an investigation in the political practices by comparing them with a way of expression, the poster, which we assimilate since the beginning of the XXth century too exclusively to the propaganda by the image. In parallel to numerous archive documents, the works of Vincent Perrottet as Pierre Di Sciullo underline, each in their way, the current events of an interaction between paper and "commitment".
From November 14th to February 24th, 2013, Bibliothèque de documentation internationale contemporaine, Hôtel national des Invalides, cour d’honneur, 75007 Paris.

Pierre Di Sciullo' Portfolio

19/01/12 Exhibition :
En esthète de gondole
On the ground floor: prototypes, samples and informations to discover the design process of three urban achievements, the "T" of Nice's tramway, the facades of the Serpentin in Pantin and signage of the BNF Richelieu in Paris.
First floor: Recent researches around the voice and speech: Singing glasses, Vocalises large and small, and the poster series "Thank you for your understanding" made ??in Villeneuve-sur-Lot for M190. Sketches and books constitute a kind of laboratory "phonétypoplastique".
The mezzanine will be dedicated to nature for letterpress printing, the Micromega.
From January 20 to March 24, 2012, Galerie Anatome, 38 rue Sedaine 75011 Paris. Vernissage on Tuesday January 19 from 18h30.

Pierre Di Sciullo' Portfolio

2/09/11 Exhibition :
Trait(s) Libres
Trait(s) Libres is an exhibition of drawings from all backgrounds, reproduced drawing - original drawing - drawing in situ, from poetic to politic, bringing together 21 artists including Pierre Di Sciullo, who shows six major recent drawings of "vocalises" ["vocalization"].
From 6th to 24th September 2011, at the Halle Roublot : 95 Rue Roublot - Fontenay-sous-Bois (France).
Vernissage on Tuesday, September 6t,h from 18h30.

Pierre Di Sciullo' Portfolio

10/06/11 Magazine :
Issue #13 of Qui ? Résiste is ready.
With the series: "thank you for your understanding", "super promo", "n'importenawak", "reverse phase" and "words in kit"...
A4 112 pages, 350 copies, offset and silkscreen, 40 €.
3 dates, 3 places for the presentation and signing of publication:
Saturday, June 11 18h30 for the opening of the eponymous exhibition, 190 Avenue du General de Gaulle, Villeneuve sur Lot.
Tuesday, June 14 18h30-21h, librairie le Monte-en-l'air, 71 rue de Menilmontant, Paris.
Tuesday, June 28 18h30-21h, librairie la Hune, 170 bd St Germain, 1st Floor, Paris.

Pierre Di Sciullo' Portfolio

22/01/09 Visual identity : Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam
The Atelier Pierre di Sciullo won !
The jury of the international competition organized by the Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum for the creation of a new visual identity has chosen the winner last week. Five design studios competed : the Atelier Di Sciullo will develop the visual identity in the next few months. It is a comprehensive project, ranging from the logo and graphic applications such as stationery, visiting cards and posters to signage and architectural applications.

Pierre Di Sciullo' Portfolio

3/12/08 Signage :
Forum des images and Bibliothèque du cinéma
The Atelier Di Sciullo, in collaboration with l'Autobus Impérial, realised the signage of the Forum des images and of the Bibliothèque du cinéma (Cinema Library) that reopen on december 5th.
2, rue du Cinéma / Forum des Halles / Porte Saint-Eustache / 75001 Paris.
Public opening on december 5th, 6th and 7th

Pierre Di Sciullo' Portfolio

20/05/08 Festival :
Chaumont 2008
On the occasion of the 19th edition of the International Chaumont Festival, Pierre Di Sciullo proposes his N'importenawak, a serie of posters on the theme of the joyful n'importe quoi (pun : sounds like “it’s just anything”).
Informations: Les Silos / Maison du Livre et de l'Affiche, 7/9 avenue Foch, Chaumont. Tél : +33 From may 24th to july 6th 2008.
18/12/07 Film:
French national release on february 13th 2007

Festivals and previews schedule:
. Rome Film Fest (Italy), official selection, out of competition, " surprise film " - oct. 2007 (www.romacinemafest.org)
. Sundance (USA), selection, out of competition - jan. 2008 (www.sundance.org/festival)
. Festival International de la bande dessinée (Angoulême, France), public previews on invitation - jan. 2008 (www.bdangouleme.com)
. Festival du film fantastique de Gerardmer (France), out of competition - jan. 2008 (www.gerardmer-fantasticart.com)
. International Film Festival Rotterdam (Netherlands)- jan.-feb. 2008 (www.filmfestivalrotterdam.com)
. Festival Anima (Bruxelles, Belgium), opening festival - feb. 2008 (www.folioscope.awn.com)
. Paris, public previews (on invitation) - feb. 2008
. Bilbolbul, Festival internationale di fumetto, anteprima (Italy) - march 2008 (www.bilbolbul.net)

Peur(s) du noir, a film by Blutch, Charles Burns, Marie Caillou, Pierre di Sciullo, Jerry Kramski, Lorenzo Mattotti, Richard McGuire, Michel Pirus and Romain Slocombe - art direction by Etienne Robial - produced by Valérie Schermann & Christophe Jankovic / Prima Linea Productions, with the support of the Centre National de la Cinématographie
Distribution: Diaphana - international sales: Celluloïd Dreams
Press relations: Robert Schlockoff & Valérie Chabrier.



Exhibition: Nuit Blanche 2007
During the Nuit Blanche 2007, on october 6th, from 19h to 7h, Pierre di Sciullo proposes "N'importnawak", place de la Madeleine. Several series of 40 posters (4 X 3 m) will be sticked all night long by profesional billstickers.

Rendez-vous place de la Madeleine during the night of octobr 6th 2007. Métro Madeleine, ligne 14. Between Fauchon and Hédiart.

23/11/05 Film:
Peur(s) du noir
Screening in 2008
This crazy and unusual project assembles 11 creators of the first rank — comic artists, illustrators and graphic artists. For the first time, these creators step over from the stillness of drawing to the movement of animation. They will tell us about their primeval fears. In Winter 2008 in the movie theaters, open the doors of their fears. And their fears shall become yours.

Peur(s) du noir, a film by Blutch, Charles Burns, Marie Caillou, Pierre di Sciullo, Dupuy-Berberian, Jerry Kramski, Lorenzo Mattotti, Richard McGuire, Michel Pirus and Romain Slocombe - art direction by Etienne Robial - produced by Valérie Schermann & Christophe Jankovic / Prima Linea Productions, with the support of the Centre National de la Cinématographie
Distribution: Diaphana - international sales: Celluloïd Dreams
Press relations: Robert Schlockoff & Valérie Chabrier.


7/05/04 Exhibition: International Festival of Chaumont
Mot à mot
Exhibition from may 15th to june 27th 2004 at la Chapelle des Jésuites, Chaumont (Haute-Marne, France). Vernissage may 15th from 17h30. Meeting with Pierre di Sciullo on Sunday, may 16th from 11h to 13h. Informations: tel. +33 (0)3 25 03 86 98.
Projects and commissioned works of the graphic designer. Focus on typography in volume.

Pierre di Sciullo portfolio


Web/Book: Graphic Design
Some news

Pyramid Editions, Paris, France, 2003

Before a new face of the site (coming soon slowly) the web site quiresiste.com presents some news in "les nouvelles" (french text but universal pictures). With news about printing projects, exhibitions, a book for Touareg readers, a lecture about graphic design in France (very frenchy but universal) and so on. The book "Pierre di Sciullo - graphic designer, typographer" is published by Pyramyd, in french and english. Included the film Karaoké on CD Rom. You can buy it online after the 18th of march, the link is on the site.

"Pierre di Sciullo - graphiste, typographe", Pyramid Editions, Paris, France, 2003


Exhibition: Characters
Beautiful characters
Les Silos, 7-9 avenue du Maréchal Foch, 52000 Chaumont, Tel. 03 25 03 86 86, from September 21st to December 14th, 2002,
On the occasion of the Month of the written and graphic patrimony, Les Silos, the house of the book and poster, welcomes the exhibition "Des caractè?res" introducing a panorama of evolution of letter design, from the beginnings of writing to the creation of digital alphabets. Presented in several units, this exhibition both underlines the graphic beauty of calligraphic, typographic and digital characters, and the inventivity of alphabet creators, among them Pierre di Sciullo with his creations: the Minimum (1988), the Gararond (1995) and his current research about types on glass.

Exhibition curator: Joel Morris, Les Silos / Co-curators and authors: Paul-Marie Grinewald, Christian Paput, Imprimerie Nationale / Muriel Paris, graphic artist and typographer
Pierre di Sciullo portfolio


Exhibition: Graphism(s)
Graphic arts of the 20th century
Bibliotheque nationale de France, site François-Mitterrand, Hall est/deambulatoire, Quai François Mauriac, 75013 Paris, France, September 18th to November 10th, 2001, open 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM except monday and public holidays.
Pierre di Sciullo participates in an exhibition on graphic art which presents a selection of productions French and foreign of the last five years. The contents are varied, energetic, even if the objects (posters, books, CDs...) are nicely presented under frames in the style of 19th century artwork. Graphisme art is alive in the street, inside houses, and in the handbags.

Pierre Di Sdiullo portfolio

3/10/01 Web: My beautiful country
France's most beautiful sites
Inauguration of the portal "Mon beau pays", devised by Pierre di Sciullo, project commissioned by AFAA (ministry of Foreign Affairs) and DAP (ministry of Culture and Communications)
This portal offers a selection of France's most beautiful sites, meaning the internet sites designed by French graphic artists or living in France or passing by or gone or due to come back... Pierre di Sciullo is both the investigator and the graphic artist of this clever selection of French-speaking sites, which will be updated regularly.


20/04/01 Exhibition: Chinese medicines
Yin & Yang
Pavillon Paul Delouvrier, Parc de la Villette, 211 av. Jean Jaures, 75019 Paris, France, from April 18th to July 8th, Wednesdays to Sundays, 2.00 PM to 7.00 PM.

In close collaboration with scenographer Pascal Payeur, Pierre di Sciullo has conceived the graphic treatment of texts and images in this exhibition. Their line for this didactic, historical and contemporary show : no exoticism, and scenography and graphic style the closest possible to the documents. On 900 m2 one discovers the Chinese system of correspondences, a book of the body measuring 40 m2, the diffrent traditional therapies, the literature, the pharmaceuticals both traditional and contemporary, the doctor's diagnosis and the interrogations about the future of those practices. In short, lots of information and magnificent objects, made accessible by a careful effort of transmission, with scientific illustrations which were patiently worked out with Mr Unschuld, the historien author of the project. (The poster, booklet and catalogue of the exhibition were designed by other graphic artists.)
To get there: Metro Porte de Pantin, bus PC 75, 151, Parking Parc de la Villette Sud, info: 01 40 03 75 75
Pierre Di Sciullo
09/03/01 Web: www.primalineaFactory.com
Prima Linea Factory
Prima Linea Factory exhibits and sells
Prima Linea Factory, the new department of Prima Linea Productions, presents and publishes contemporary artists, graphic artists and illustrators. The Factory is made of two parts:
- The Boutique offers editions of prints, games, objects, artists' books, most of them in exclusive and limited series. Internauts have access first to the Boutique's window where new items are introduced, as well as accesses to selections by artist or by typological catalogue. Some items in reference are available immediately, others are available by order or by subscription, in which case time and conditions are given. The purchase on line of the items in the boutique is protected.
- The Factory offers selling exhibitions in real and virtual, where only originals works are presented. Internauts acceed first to the Vestibule of the current exhibition, where they find the different entrances to the exhibition rooms, as well as the informations concerning the artist, while the webcams broadcast some live events linked to the exhibition, with later on the possibility of navigating through the past exhibitions. Every exhibition is made of several "rooms" in which three sizes of images allow to appreciate the works, before selecting them into the Caddy for purchasing. Here too, payment is protected on a third party bank site.

Web design Marc Clamens | logo & visual identity Pierre Di Sciullo

10/11/00 Film: Karaoke
A Film to read in all directions
Centre Pompidou, Place Georges-Pompidou, 75004 Paris, from October 2000 18th to January 2001 18th (closed on Tuesday)
You can watch Karaoke, the “Film to read in all directions” that Pierre Di Sciullo made, on a terminal based in the ground floor exhibition hall of Centre Pompidou during 3 months. The visitors will have the chance to discover all the works of this creative and talented graphist-typographist.


30/08/00 Web: quiresiste.com
Inauguration of the site !
A good news for lovers of literature: Pierre Di Sciullo’s site is on line. One finds there large extracts of ten issues of his publication “Qui?Résiste”, recreated for the screen; a typographic catalogue of his fonts, including many new ones, with examples of utilisation; touareg typographic characters which he created, freeely downloadable free; six extracts of his video film Karaoke (a film to be read in all directions); current projects in his studio for which he’s looking for partners; and news about his recent productions, plus links with related sites.

Pierre Di Sciullo bibliographie

16/03/00 Film/Web: : Karaoké/quiresiste.com
Graphic and typographic research
Wednesday March 29th, 2000, at 7.30 PM, Centre Pompidou, 1st basement, Place Georges Pompidou, 75004 Paris, France.
Pierre Di Sciullo invites us to a presentation of his recent graphic productions:
Karaoké, a film to read in all directions (video, 22’, 6 episodes): one watches reading, and one reads.
In preview, his website quiresiste.com, with extracts on line of some of his publications Qui?Resiste (the site is due to open during May).
The works in production in his studio.
With the participation of Guillaume Pô and Alhassane Ag Solimane, writers.
10/11/99 Advertising: Les Vins Nicolas
Visual identity for the Millemium
Les Vins Nicolas, Dupuy-Berberian / Di Sciullo Nicolas' wine retailers (France, United-Kingdom, Germany, Belgium)
The duo Dupuy-Berberian who worked for Nicolas for about 2 years, have been joined by Pierre di Sciullo to redesigned Nicolas' shops for the year 2000. Di Sciullo has designed an original typography to be found on gift wrapping paper, bags, advertising posters, Christmas decorations, catalogues, accessories....