15/03/13 Exhibition:
The Gallery of graphic arts of the Abbey de Fontevraud presents the exhibition of Paul Cox entitled "Landscape". A selection of 500 sheets, presented in the chronological order, in a constant paper size, which gives a rhythm to the observations of the artist and to the transcription of its environment.
Vernissage in the presence of the artist on Saturday, March 16th at 2 pm.
Exhibition until November 11th, 2013.
Abbey of Fontevraud, 49590 Fontevraud the Abbey. Phone.: 33 2 41 51 73 52
Paul Cox portfolio
10/09/08 Exhibition:
Opening of "Centquatre"
Paul Cox proposes "Faites votre exposition vous-même" (make your exhibition on your own), an impressive model of the Centquatre making it possible for the public of this new place of creation and production to create its own miniature installations.
Opening on saturday, October 11th, from 14h30 to 2h00 in the morning.
Le Centquatre, 11 bis rue Curial 75019 Paris. Tél.: 01 40 05 51 71.
20/05/08 Festival :
Chaumont 2008
For its 19th edition, the International Chaumont Festival proposes to Paul Cox to invest the Chapelle des Jésuites with his Uncle Toby’s Bowling-Green, a huge table depicting a landscape of mountains, hills and valleys, decorated with all types of routes, cartographic markings and signage as well as small architectural elements.Visitors can move forward small balls into this landscape.
Informations: Les Silos / Maison du Livre et de l'Affiche, 7/9 avenue Foch, Chaumont. Tél : +33 From may 24th to july 6th 2008.

Exhibition: Nuit Blanche 2007
Par dessus le marché
During the "Nuit Blanche 2007", on october 6th, from 19h to 7h, Paul Cox transforms Aguesseau market into a dreamlike luminescent lanterns village.

All informations on : www.paris.fr
7/02/04 Exhibition: Centre Pompidou
Jeu de construction
Centre Pompidou, Children galery, Forum, level 0, from february 16th to may 9th 2005. Vernissage tuesday, february 15th from 17h00 to 22h00.

Paul Cox portfolio

14/09/2004 Exhibition: Art school of Blois
1 wall, 9 tables & 53416 objects
Ecole d'Art, pavillon d'exposition, 6 rue Franciade 41000 Blois, exhibition from September 17th to November 7th 2004. Vernissage Friday September 17th, 19h00.
Infrmations: + 33 (0)2 54 55 37 40, ecole-art@agglo-blois.fr

Paul Cox portfolio

5/05/04 Exhibition: Atelier eric Seydoux
Plafond en kit et autres travaux
Atelier Eric Seydoux - 6 rue de l'Abbé Carton, 75014 Paris. Tel. 01 45 43 16 46.
Vernissage may 13th 2004 from 18h to 21h.
Installation from may 14th to june 30th, on RDV from monday to friday, from 14h to19h.
Paul Cox portfolio
20/01/04 Book/exhibition:
Cox Codex 1
Le Seuil publisher, Paris, 2004
Exhibition: Florence Loewy "Books by artists", 9/11 rue de Thorigny, 75008 Paris. From january 27th to february 13th, 2004. Book signing on tuesday, january 27th from 18h to 21h.
This big book (300 pages) presents a large selection of Paul Cox's works of Art - painting, graphism and children books. Paul Cox himself has imagined the design and the conception of this pecular book, which is closer to a notebook or an archives album than to a traditional monograph.
Cox Codex 1, Editions du Seuil, Paris, 2004, ISBN: 2020601524. 50 €

Children' Book: Mon Amour
Depravities of love
Editions du Seuil, Collection Albums Jeunesse, Paris, France, 2003
It isn't easy to seduce, flabbergast, impress when she who makes your head spin doesn't even acknowledge your existence. Climb on top of a coconut tree, tame a lion, sing beautiful romances, this book's hero doesn't know what to invent any more to obtain a simple kiss from his beloved. Here's the tale of a man who had everything to be happy... 'til the day he fell in love.

Mon Amour , Editions du Seuil, Albums Jeunesse, Paris, France, 2003, ISBN 2020590743, 35 colour pages, Price: 10 €


Book: Meanwhile…
"The shortest book in the world"
Editions Seuil Jeunesse, Paris, France, 2002
Paul Cox surprises us again with this new work. Imagine as many images as actions, in the same instant, in the whole world ! Climbing a mountain, the birth of a child, adventures, daily life, at the North Pole, beneath the sun, under the water... ?Cependant...? is a book that freezes all those images, reveals the diversity and originality of a same second lived by all the inhabitants of the globe. During the same second, one travels through 24 hours and passes from day to night. But it is only one second, therefore this book is ?the shortest book in the world?.

Cependant…, Seuil Jeunesse, Paris, France, 2002, 120 spiral-bound pages, ISBN 2020561093, 20,50 €.
This book has been bought by the General Council of Val de Marne department, which will offer it to all children born in 2003

6/06/01 Web: Interview
An artist?s words
On the site of Mondo Rondo (web design agency)
An interview of Paul Cox, who talks about his studio in the Burgundy fields, tells us aspects of his childlike, free and amused nature, and converses about his work, from the Map of Tenderness to a History of Art. This interview was also used for lessons in French at the franco-japanese Institute in Tokyo.
Paul Cox
28/05/01 Exhibition: What are those midgets really carrying (pun : sounds like 'it's just really anything') ???????
The Stamp's month in Paris
Franck Bordas Editions, 2 rue de la Roquette, 75011 Paris, France, from June 1st to 30th 2001, opened tuesday to saturday from 14:00 to 19:00, tel: + 33 1 47 00 31 61
Commissioned by the council of Nanterre city to be offered to nursery school children, this amazing book was first produced in lithograph at the Bordas ateliers, then those same litho films were used in offset printing in order to give the impression that the illustrations were drawn directly upon the book. This book has been lithographed in a limited edition by Bordas and each copy is therefore unique. It will make ?Blanche Neige? (Snow White?) lovers quiver.
What are those midgets carrying ??????? Seuil Editions, Paris, 2001, ISBN 2020481898, 120 pages, 129 FF.
09/03/01 Children' Book: What are those midgets carrying (pun : sounds like “it’s just anything”) ???????
It’s not just anything !
Editions du Seuil, Paris, 2001
Paul Cox surprises us once more with this new book, a surrealist inventory for children which will amuse parents too. Commissioned by the council of Nanterre city to be offered to nursery school children, this book was first produced in lithograph at the Bordas ateliers, then those same litho films were used in offset printing in order to give the impression that the illustrations were drawn directly upon the book. This book will be lithographed in a limited edition by Bordas and each copy will therefore be unique.
Ces nains portent quoi ??????? Editions du Seuil, Paris, 2001, ISBN 2020481898, 120 pages, 129 FF, from 2 years old.
04/09/00 Exhibition: LALITANIAITALIANA
Psychogeographic variations
Gallery space, Corraini Editore, Via Madonna della Vittoria 5, 46100 Mantova, Italy, Tel. 00 (39) 376 322 753, from September 6th to 6 October 6th, 2000 (closed monday morning)
For this new Paul Cox exhibition, 5 modular mural pieces, made of square or triangular elements, which can be assembled in all directions: the Map of Perpetual Tenderness (Carte du Tendre) (lithography on paper), A Sentimental Journey (silkscreen on aluminium), Psychogeographic Dialectics (acrylic on aluminium). For this exhibition, Paul Cox co-edits with the Corraini Editions a game in two versions, italian et french: The Game of Love and Chance (society game without any rules).
10/11/99 Exhibition/Book: au Salon d'Art - Bruxelles
Paul Cox présente le langage des fleurs
From Nov. 22nd 1999 to Jan. 22nd 2000: rue de l'Hôtel des Monnaies, 81 - 1060 Brussels, Belgium
Seventy-two paintings illustrating the language of flowers. 1-You're the Most Precious One. 2-I secretly love you. 3-You drive me into turmoil. 4-You arise noble thoughts. 5-You have misanderstood and so on.... On Nov. 22nd, Paul Cox will autograph his 2 books, "Le language des fleurs (filles)" et "Le language des fleurs (garçons)". (the language of flowers - girls and the language of flowers - boys)"
"Le language des fleurs (filles)" et "Le language des fleurs (garçons)" Publisher La Pierre d'Alun, Belgium, 1999 - 88 pages, 14x11cm, 444 numbered copies, FB 3500. Tel. +32 (0)2 537 65 40