14/04/11 Book/Collection : Bari
A new star arrives at Hatier Youth
A new hero created by Marc Clamens, graphic, modern and well-rounded, Barri assists children in their first steps towards autonomy.

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11/10/10 Cinema: La tropa de trapo
The Happets - The movie
After the serie, the feature: The Happets, 3D plush animals designed by Marc Clamens & Laurence Jammes arrive in Spanish theaters on October 29, 2010, under the direction of Alex Colls.

Marc Clamens portfolio

18/05/04 Web:
New portfolio
Discover it on the website: www.primalinea.com/clamens

Marc Clamens portfolio

09/03/01 Web: www.primalineaFactory.com
Prima Linea Factory
Prima Linea Factory exhibits and sells
Prima Linea Factory, the new department of Prima Linea Productions, presents and publishes contemporary artists, graphic artists and illustrators. The Factory is made of two parts:
- The Boutique offers editions of prints, games, objects, artists' books, most of them in exclusive and limited series. Internauts have access first to the Boutique's window where new items are introduced, as well as accesses to selections by artist or by typological catalogue. Some items in reference are available immediately, others are available by order or by subscription, in which case time and conditions are given. The purchase on line of the items in the boutique is protected.
- The Factory offers selling exhibitions in real and virtual, where only originals works are presented. Internauts acceed first to the Vestibule of the current exhibition, where they find the different entrances to the exhibition rooms, as well as the informations concerning the artist, while the webcams broadcast some live events linked to the exhibition, with later on the possibility of navigating through the past exhibitions. Every exhibition is made of several "rooms" in which three sizes of images allow to appreciate the works, before selecting them into the Caddy for purchasing. Here too, payment is protected on a third party bank site.

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